Debit card glitch: Woman charged twice for £18k Mercedes

9/6/2018 8:23:00 AM

Tehran (KNA) - A woman paid £36,000 for an £18,000 Mercedes because of a glitch that saw thousands of people charged twice for debit card payments.

Francesca Brady and her mother bought the car on 29 August - the day the error occurred due to an issue with a card terminal run by Cardnet.

They were left thousands of pounds overdrawn over the weekend until Mercedes reimbursed them.

Lloyds Banking Group said all affected customers had been refunded.

Just under 5% of Cardnet machine transactions were affected on part of 29 August, it added.

Money came out of thousands of people's bank accounts twice but transactions only showed up once on many shop, pub and restaurant receipts.

Miss Brady, 25, said she only realised about the double-charge when her mother rang from America on 31 August - two days after they had bought the car.

"By the time I got all her messages and got in contact with Mercedes, the account team was closed for the weekend," she added.

"When I checked her account and noticed it had been charged twice, I completely freaked out.

"My initial reaction was horror and then when I found out there was nothing Mercedes could do until the Monday - I felt lost."

Source: BBC

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