Rouhani: Sanctions target ordinary Iranians; US isolated

7/14/2018 10:14:00 PM

Tehran (KNA) - President Hassan Rouhani says new US sanctions are aimed at targeting the Iranian nation, adding the plan has made Washington more isolated than ever, even among its allies.

“Today, the United States is isolated in the public opinion of the world, and is even more secluded among the Iranian people because the US sanctions plan is against the Iranian people,” Rouhani said on Saturday.

Speaking in Brussels on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump boasted that his decision to leave the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and reimpose sanctions on the country was creasing “a lot of problems” for the Iranians. “They’re feeling a lot of pain right now,” he told a news conference at a NATO leaders summit.

Rouhani said, “If the sanctions were for a particular sector and industry, they (the US) could have been justified for their excuses, but these sanctions are a general and blind measure that would put pressure on the people of Iran.”

“Therefore, their plan is to pressure the Iranian people, as they pressure other nations,” he added.

The president said US leaders today are detested among Muslims and developing countries more than ever, and even face problems within the United States.

“Current American rulers are treating adventurously and illegally not only the Iranian people, but also other nations, and even their own allies,” he said.

Source: PressTV

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