Preventing Muslim women from participation in sporting events contrary to Islam

5/23/2018 1:05:00 PM

Tehran (KNA) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said preventing Muslim women from participation in sporting events is contrary to Islamic justice between men and women.

President Rouhani in a cordial meeting with athletes on Tuesday evening said “our country’s athletes have always generated hope for the Iranian nation and the young.

"The President expressed happiness that women are active in sports, saying “all honors that we have been achieved are indebted to tireless efforts of mothers who have trained us and helped us to choose the best path in the course of our lives."

“If we want to introduce Islam to the world, is it better to say that our girls do not have the permission to take part in sport events, or is it better to say that our girls and women participate in various sport events and gain success while observing all religious principles?,” he added.

Is preventing women from attending sports arenas as spectator in favor of Islam?, Rouhani asked, saying "they say women shouldn't hear male fans' swear words and curse in football stadiums. Should our women pay for it?"The true Islam does not prevent women from social engagement. Islam has not said at all woman must stay at home, however, it says women can participate in all social affairs with hijab, he underlined.

Source: Mehr

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