Vanuatu to permanently evacuate volcanic island

5/21/2018 3:15:00 PM

Tehran (KNA) - Entire communities living under the shadow of a smouldering volcano on an island in Vanuatu will be permanently relocated to another island from next week, the Pacific nation’s government has decided.

Most villagers on the northern island of Ambae had only recently returned home. The 11,000 people on the island were forced to leave last September when the Manaro volcano erupted.

The latest evacuation is not compulsory but the government said it wants those who left to stay away for good and resettle elsewhere.

The Council of Ministers has approved four permanent settlements on the nearby island of Maewo, which it will lease from landowners.The government will organize and pay for the evacuation beginning June 1 and finishing July 30.

However, only those who choose to relocate to Maewo will receive the assistance and people who move to other islands will do so at their own expense

Source: PressTV

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