Saudi crown prince goes into hiding since last month's attack on royal palace

5/16/2018 9:44:00 PM

Tehran (KNA) - Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has not been seen in public since heavy gunfire and explosions reported from outside the royal palace in the Saudi capital Riyadh late last month.

The official Saudi websites have not released any new photo of bin Salman for several past weeks. The long disappearance has raised speculation about the fate of the crown prince.

Some sources claimed that the attack on April 21 was part of a coup led by Saudi royals who are opposed to king Salman, while other reports indicated that the shooting occurred when the palace guards targeted a small drone which came too close to Salman's residence.

Saudi activists said that the shooting had nothing to do with the drone, but it was an attack from vehicles carrying heavy machine guns and shooting randomly.

It was claimed that bin Salman had been evacuated to a nearby bunker at a military base for his safety.

Source: PressTV

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