How should Iran face with Saudi-Zionist lobby in recent negotiation with Europe?

5/13/2018 5:00:00 PM

Tehran (KNA): This is an exclusive article by Mustafa Entezari, an Iranian journalist and author about the future of Iran and Europe's nuclear negotiation.

After US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from JCPOA, Israel carried out heavy attacks on Syria.

But why this happened?

As far as we know, Iran insisted that it would not exit from JCPOA, if Europian countries guarantee Tehran's interests in this agreement.This means that in the coming weeks, Tehran will hold intensive negotiation with Europe, Russia and China to convince them to enforce laws that will impose sanctions on the United States, rather than approaching Trump.

Europeans once experienced it in 1996 to isolate US and protect European companies against the pressure of White House and its one-sided sanctions.

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Today, If the United States faces serious European resistance, it will face a real defeat and they(Americans) will eventually lose in international competition. In such situation, the United States' allies in the region(Middle East) are trying to keep Europe out of Iran by different ways and tricks.

Emphasizing divergences with Europe, including human rights issues, missile programs and regional policies, is a strategy that can dissuade Europe from confronting Washington and put Europe against Iran.Just a day after Trump's announcement to withdraw from JCPOA, Israel attack Syria to form a kind of confrontation with Iran and put the world against Tehran.

In such situation, Iran ignored the attacks with cleverness. However, it is anticipated that such scenarios will be implemented again. This time includes human rights, Iran's military centers and some regional challenges.

How smart Iran manages this psychological tricks, or how much Europe protects itself from the Saudi-Zionist lobby? It is a question which should be answer.

By: Mustafa Entezari

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