Photos: The World's Most Spectacular Bridges

4/12/2018 12:11:00 PM

Tehran(KNA) : These incredible architectural feats will impress, thrill, and perhaps even make you fall in love.

As a child growing up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, crossing a big bridge meant entering a portal to a new world. The majestic, dual-span Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the 23-mile-long Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel were our two main routes off of the rural shore towards “real cities” and airports with more than two gates. But they were also a trip in themselves— a chance to spot bottlenose dolphins and peregrine falcons, a chance to see both our home, and our destination, from a new, brave perspective.

Bridges all around the world, from West Virginia’s New River Gorge, to Dublin’s Samuel Beckett, to Myanmar’s U Bein, serve this same purpose, giving every type of traveler an opportunity to connect and explore. Whether you’re the glass-bottom-bridge-thrill-seeker type, or a Francophile drifting south from Paris, we’ve got a bridge for you.

Commissioned by Friedrich Hermann Rötschke in 1860, Rakotzbrücke’s perfect parabola and basalt spires make it a legendary “devil’s bridge.” According to Rakotzbrücke’s myth, the builder crossed the finished bridge, sacrificing himself in exchange for the devil’s help. Board the Muskau Forest Railway to visit during spring rhododendron bloom.

You can also visit other devil’s bridges in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Italy, Wales, France, England, Spain and Arizona.

Here are some bridges we just can’t get over.

See the pictures: 

Source: National Geographic

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