Formula E Gen 2: The race car of the future?

2/25/2018 5:21:00 PM

Tehran (KNA) - All-electric motorsport took a giant leap into the future last month, with Formula E unveiling it's Batmobile-like Gen2 race car.

Now three races into its fourth season, FE unveiled the vehicle its racers will be piloting when season five gets under way later this year.

With its futuristic styling and increase in power and range, the Gen2 car further distances itself from established racing categories like Formula One and IndyCar.

Young, all-electric and innovative, FE appear is the millennial of racing series.

Breaking TaboosBeing an electric racing car, Formula E is already bucking the trend in motive power.

It's also challenging other motor racing taboos.One unwritten rule is that a single-seater race car should have an open cockpit and open wheels.

The Gen2 is still a single-seater race car and, even with the mandatory Halo protection system designed to prevent debris hitting the drivers, it's still an open cockpit car.

But, the new car no longer meets the strict definition of being open wheeled, as it partially covers the tires with bodywork.

Source: CNN

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