Lady Gaga cancels 10 concerts, suffering from 'severe pain'

2/3/2018 1:05:00 PM

Tehran(KNA) : Lady Gaga has cancelled the last 10 dates of her world tour, including performances in London and Manchester, on the advice of her doctors after suffering from “severe pain”.

Writing in a statement on Twitter, the pop-star explained she was suffering from “severe pain” that has left her unable to continue performing. She has previously spoken about having fibromyalgia, a long-term condition that causes pain across the body.

"I'm so devastated I don't know how to describe it," the 31-year-old wrote. "All I know is that if I don't do this, I am not standing by the words or meaning of my music."

Gaga then thanked the medical team supporting her "tough decision” to cancel the gigs, telling fans from the affected cities she would return.

The singer had already played Birmingham and was due to play the London O2 Arena this weekend. Refunds will be available from ticket sellers starting the 6 February.

Source: Independent

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