Opinion / Heshmatollah Falahat Pisheh (Iranian lawmaker and MP of IRI) : How long should Iran be committed to JCPOA?

10/13/2017 11:39:00 AM

Tehran (KNA) : Mr Falahat Pisheh , a member of the Parliament, explains his opinion and the parliament’s point of view about Iran’s reaction on Trump possible decision on JCPOA

 Iranian and American parliaments have two different views on nuclear treaty.

Since the seventh Majles, members of Parliament of Iran have passed the necessary laws to address nuclear deal, but the parliament  has been placed out of the core of  nuclear issues.

In contrary, in America, they have been relying on Congress day by day. Because they think Iran must be a nationally unlawful state. This is exactly What Trump wants to do . I mean He wants that congress to be the responsible for Iran situation.

I think there are two modes for the decision of Trump:

First , Iran has contravened the nuclear treaty.

Second, Iran is committed but the continuation of sanctions is at the expense of the national interests of the United States, and I do not accept the responsibility of that  as Trump and as the president of the US.

The target and end  of this action is making and governing more sanctions. Trump by this way could also enter into negotiations with other European countries in order to restore Iran's sanctions.

But What should we do at the present? I believe Islamic Republic of Iran should take the path of the parliament.

Accordingly, There are  two kinds of laws and ways for our Parliament when the reaction is necessary . The first law is about information and data. The parliament must have assesses to  the  data related to the treaty to judge if they are based on our national interest?

The Second law of Iran's Parliament is about our counteraction which we have been approved in Parliament and is a path that should be established if the government acts in parliament.

 The result is that our political system must adhere to JCPOA as long as it fulfills our national interests. But if it does not provide our national interest, we have no reason to continue

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