Spox: Iran not to sell arms to all countries

10/23/2020 2:11:00 PM

Ali Rabiei made the remarks on Thursday noting that Iran’s arms embargo was lifted based on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The international community recognized the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and put an end to Trump's false Iranophobia.

No country in the international community followed Trump and the sanctions that were illegal from the beginning were lifted, Rabiei added.

He went on to say that the Islamic Republic seeks to maintain peace and does not want the region to turn into a weapons depot.

US policy is to turn the region into a weapons depot and to generate revenue for American arms companies, and their interests will always take precedence over human lives, he noted.

After failing to prevent the lifting of Iran's arms embargo, Trump has again made statements about Iran’s weapons program, he said, adding, “But we have fortunately achieved a great deal of self-sufficiency and knowledge in the field of defense.”

The government spokesman added, "If a country asks us for weapons, we have our own conditions, which means that our conditions are moral and responsible, non-provocative and defensive, and we will decide in full compliance with the international framework and rules."

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