Parl. Speaker: Nation's Resistance against seditions Empower Country

8/3/2020 12:39:00 PM

Tehran (KHABARFOORI)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf says that by the resistance of the people against all kinds of sedition, the country has gained such power to thwart the most complex plots of the enemies and establish a new order in the West Asia region.

"After the Islamic Revolution, our nation gained tremendous power to protect the Revolution, and after passing through the sedition of the first years of the Revolution, we were able to bravely resist in the holy defense." Qalibaf pointed out in the open session of the parliament.

He added: "With the resistance of Iranian people against all kinds of domestic and international sedition in the second and third decades of the revolution, we gained such power that we foiled the most complex plots of the enemies and established a new order in the West Asia region."

"These days, the enemies of the Iranian people have complicated plots to harm the people economically, so the people's livelihood problems must be solved," Ghalibaf pointed out.

The top parliamentarian added that there are problems, there are animosities, infiltrators are heavily sabotaging, but let's know that change is imminent.

Majlis speaker went on to say that there is a third current that complements the two currents of sanctions and distortion, and that is inefficiency; a current that takes over management positions but ignores the country's priorities and makes sanctions problematic and leads the country to mental collapse.

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