Iraqi port, refinery resume operations after protesters leave: Sources

11/7/2019 4:48:00 PM

Tehran (KNA) - A port and oil refinery in southern Iraq have resumed operations after anti-government protesters, who were blocking the roads leading to both sites, left the areas.

Port officials, security and oil sources said that the Umm Qasr commodities port near Basra, and the Nassiriya oil refinery in Dhi Qar province, resumed operationss on Thursday, Reuters reported.

The sources did not immediately say why or how the protesters had left the zones.

Operations at the Umm Qasr commodities port have been at a complete standstill since last Wednesday, after protesters first blocked its entrance a day earlier.

Safa al-Hussein, manager of Iraq's state-owned ports company, said that all terminals in the port were operating normally in the early hours of Thursday.

Source: PressTV

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