Iran-Turkey-Russia cooperation promotes Syria security: Rouhani

9/16/2019 7:39:00 PM

Tehran (KNA) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says cooperation among Iran, Russia, and Turkey, as the three guarantor states of a ceasefire regime in Syria, has promoted security in the war-ravaged Arab country.

Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara, Turkey, on Monday on the sidelines of a tripartite meeting, which also included Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"It is necessary to help the Syrian government in its fight against the remaining terrorists, especially in the Idlib region and east of Euphrates, and cooperation [with Damascus] must continue until terrorism is uprooted in the region," Iran's president said.

The model of cooperation among Iran, Turkey and Russia on ways to ensure security in the region can contribute to regional stability through trilateral and multilateral ties among neighboring countries, he added.

In late August, the Russian and Turkish presidents agreed on measures to “normalize” the situation in the terrorist-infested Syrian province of Idlib, where the Damascus government’s Moscow-backed operations against terrorists have reportedly complicated the unlawful Turkish involvement there.

Source: PressTV

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