Russia sends two nuclear-capable bombers close to Alaska

8/15/2019 8:08:00 AM

Tehran (KNA) - Russia has flown two nuclear-capable TU-160 bombers to its eastern regions close to the US state of Alaska during a military drill.

According to a statement by Russia's Ministry of Defense issued Wednesday, the two Soviet-era bombers covered a distance of more than 6,000 kilometers (3,728 miles) in over eight hours from their base in Saratov city to Anadyr town in the Chuktoka region, located opposite to the US state.

The flight was part of an exercise that would last until the end of this week and is designed to practice transferring assets from home bases to operational airfields, the statement added.

The TU-160 strategic bomber is a supersonic aircraft that is capable of carrying up to 12 short-range nuclear missiles and of flying 12,000 kilometers (7,500 miles) non-stop without re-fuelling.

Russia has repeatedly used the bomber during its operations against terrorist groups in Syria.

Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the upgraded version of the bomber, which, according to Tupolev company, is 60 percent more effective than the older version, with significant improvements to its weaponry and navigation.

The statement came a day after two Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jets, convoying a plane carrying Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, chased away a NATO F-18 fighter jet that tried to shadow the military aircraft over neutral waters in the Baltic Sea.

Source: PressTV

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