Iran will never start war, but will defend its soil against aggression: Zarif

7/18/2019 1:00:00 PM

Tehran (KNA) - Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran “will never start a war,” but “will defend its territory” against any act of aggression.

In an interview with CNN in New York on Wednesday, Zarif said the hawkish administration of US President Donald Trump is already waging an economic war against Iran’s civilian population.

“There is a war going on right now. It’s an economic war -- an economic war against Iran targets civilian population," he said.

Zarif also noted that Trump is on the record saying “that he is not engaged in military war, but in an economic war,” adding that “economic war is nothing to be proud of, because in a military confrontation, civilians may become collateral damage, but in an economic war, civilians are the primary targets.”

Asked about the possibility of a war with the US, Zarif said, “You cannot simply disregard a possibility of a disaster.”

Source: PressTV

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