Iran’s power will be 'destructive' for all aggressors: Army chief

7/15/2019 11:37:00 PM

Tehran (KNA) - The chief commander of Iran’s Army says the Islamic Republic has the power to defend itself and mount “destructive” counterattacks if it ever comes under any aggression, in what seems to be an allusion to threats of military action against the country by the United States.

“Our offensive power and capability to deal blows [to enemies] after aggressors start their assault, will be destructive and make them regret [their aggression],” Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi told an event in the northwestern city of Tabriz, in East Azarbaijan Province, on Sunday. 

He added that Iran’s military prowess, while defensive in nature, provides for great attacking capabilities as well, noting, "We have never been the starter of any war, but we don’t solely rely on defense either.”

The general noted that the current state of affairs in both the world and the Middle East region calls for higher military preparedness.

Iran is engaged in a heated standoff with the United States, which has sent troops and military equipment to the Persian Gulf region to confront what it calls “threats” coming from Iran.

US President Donald Trump and his aides, mainly National Security Adviser John Bolton and State Secretary Mike Pompeo, have repeatedly threatened Iran with military action, while defending America’s ongoing sanctions campaign against the Islamic Republic.

Source: PressTV

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