Is Boris Johnson fit to be prime minister?

6/26/2019 11:03:00 AM

Tehran (KNA) - The conservative party leadership contest is heating up with the final result due next month. The contenders, foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt and gadfly MP Boris Johnson are fighting hard to secure the top job in the country.

The contest comes at a crucial national moment with the UK set to exit the European Union at the end of October. 

Boris Johnson entered the second and final stage of the contest as the clear favourite, having consistently secured the largest vote of the conservative parliamentary party.

Whilst Johnson is still the clear favourite, nonetheless his victory is not being taken for granted. This is especially the case as the conservative party establishment appears to be throwing its weight behind Jeremy Hunt.

Loved and derided in equal measure, Johnson’s idiosyncratic approach to politics, coupled with his eccentric personality, has long kept the nation entertained. Johnson’s “stardust” quality was extensively marketed by his supporters so as to pave the way for his ascent to the leadership.

It was even suggested by some sections of the British press that Johnson’s supporters would utilise his charisma in order to manage the difficult months ahead (in the run up to the Brexit deadline) whilst stripping him of the powers to manage day to day affairs.

Source: PressTV

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