Iraq Parliament seeks compensation for US, Israeli regime's use of banned weapons

5/19/2019 8:24:00 PM

Tehran (KNA) - The Iraqi Parliament is preparing to pass into law a motion according to which the United States and its allies, including the Israeli regime will be demanded compensation for their use of banned weapons in wars in Iraq.

A member of the Foreign Relations Committee in Iraqi Parliament Rami Al-Sakini said in a press conference on Sunday that the lawmakers at Iraqi parliament have launched a motion to approve it into a law asking for compensation from the US and the Zionist regime for their wars in Iraq and their use of illegal weapons.

Al-Sakini said that the law will create challenges for the Iraqi Parliament as it will have ramifications on the international stage.

He added that the motion calls for the formation of a committee to estimate the compensation for the damages inflicted on Iraqi victims caused by the wars of the United States and its allies, including the Israeli regime, especially the 1981 bombardment of the Iraqi nuclear facilities by the Israel, and 1991 Persian Gulf  war and 2003 occupation of Iraq.

Source: Mehr

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