Iran, India can counter US' illegal sanctions, bullying, says Zarif

1/10/2019 8:19:00 AM

Tehran (KNA) - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has lauded ties, especially economic relations, with India, expressing confidence that Tehran and New Delhi will counter the US’ “illegal” measures, sanctions and bullying.

Relations with India have always been important. India is an important neighbor,” Zarif said in an interview with NDTV in New Delhi on Wednesday, adding that Iran and India had “common security concerns” as well as regional concerns regarding the situation in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf region.  

“We have done trade with each other for centuries, so it’s very difficult for an outside power to come and intervene in these relations … what the Unites States is asking is not only in violation of international law but [it is] asking others also to violate international law and Security Council resolutions,” Zarif said.  

He praised India for adopting “a principled position that it will only abide by UN sanctions not by unilateral sanctions.”

The top Iranian diplomat, however, admitted that there were “economic pressures,” saying, “The Americans are using every method of arm-twisting available in the books and outside the books. That’s what they are doing illegally, unlawfully.”

“This is not a precedent that anybody wants to see created in the future that a country with whatever political, economic or military might could come and order and push other countries into violating international law and into going against their own economic interests,” he said.  

Source: PressTV

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