Saudis rebuff US vote but face Canadian backlash

12/17/2018 2:03:00 PM

Tehran (KNA) - Saudi Arabia has denounced a US Senate resolution to end Washington's military support for the kingdom, but faced a new backlash as Canada announced plans to cancel a giant 2014 weapons deal with Riyadh.

The US Senate unanimously voted last week to hold Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) accountable for the murder of  journalist and critic Khashoggi and halt Washington's assistance to the Saudi war in Yemen.

"The kingdom condemns the latest position of the US Senate that was built on untrue allegations and affirms a total rejection of any interference in its internal affairs," Saudi Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

Riyadh has been heartened by President Donald Trump's position that Washington will continue to remain a "steadfast partner" of the kingdom.  

Trump and his senior administration officials have claimed that there is no "direct evidence" to link the Saudi leadership to the killing despite the CIA's conclusion that it was the Saudi crown prince who ordered Khashoggi's assassination. 

Trump has admitted that MbS may have known about the killing, but stressed that he has no intention of cancelling $110 billion in military contracts with Riyadh.

"And implicit in Trump’s justifications for not holding the Saudi royals accountable is the idea that it’s simply not worth the sacrifice — that Saudi Arabia has too much leverage through its arms deals and control of the world oil supply," The Washington Post wrote. 

Source: PressTV

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