Apple scientists disclose self-driving car research

Tehran (KNA) - Research by Apple Inc (AAPL.O) computer scientists on how self-driving cars can better spot cyclists and pedestrians while using fewer sensors has been posted online, in what appears to be the company’s first publicly disclosed paper on autonomous vehicles.

11/22/2017 11:08:00 AM

A blood-sweating woman

Tehran (KNA) : Sweating blood from her face and the palms of her hands, a 21-year-old woman was admitted to an Italian hospital.

10/25/2017 11:10:00 AM

some skills to have a comfortable sleep

Tehran (KNA) - You can train your brain to seek better sleep just as you train it to learn and accomplish other skills. One of the first tasks is to set up your sleep environment and establish a relaxing bedtime routine. It's that repetition that will train your brain to recognize that its time to relax and sleep.

10/21/2017 5:27:00 PM

Alfred Nobel birthday

Tehran(KNA) : Today is Alfred Nobel's birthday. A Swedish chemist invented dynamite and other explosives. He used his enormous fortune from 355 patents to institute the Nobel Prize.

10/21/2017 3:28:00 PM

Why onions make us cry

Tehran(KNA) : Scientists discover new clues to the complex steps involved in this common kitchen chemistry

10/19/2017 3:13:00 PM

The 4 Best Natural Antihistamines

Tehran (KNA) - If you have seasonal allergies, you know what it’s like to suffer. Sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, and sinus pressure — all of these symptoms can become nearly unbearable. You’ve likely tried every over-the-counter solution to tame these seasonal symptoms, but may not want to take medications. There is evidence that completely natural solutions can ease your symptoms.

10/9/2017 7:50:00 PM

Breakfast is the best way to lose weight

Tehran (KNA) - Researchers say making breakfast your biggest meal of the day is a good way to lose weight… if you don’t overdo it at lunch and dinner.

10/8/2017 3:21:00 PM