Reuters/ 'Trump' and 'Kim' thrown out of Opening Ceremony

Tehran (KNA) - People dressed up as U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un caused a commotion when they appeared in the stands at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on Friday before swiftly being shown out by security staff.

2/9/2018 9:43:00 PM

How much did Melania Trump’s engagement ring cost?

Tehran (KNA) - MELANIA TRUMP, the wife of Donald Trump, is one of the richest women in the world thanks to her husband. However, there is now some confusion over how much the 47-year-old from Slovenia’s engagement ring cost.

2/9/2018 9:34:00 PM

Government should pay attention to poor people

Tehran (KNA) - This week’s Friday Prayers Imam in Tehran urged the government officials to live among the people to understand their economic hardships, saying there are lots of people living in slums in the outskirts of the capital Tehran.

2/9/2018 9:31:00 PM

Iran: Samsung must apologize for gift ban against athletes

Tehran (KNA) - Iran’s Foreign Ministry has summoned South Korea’s ambassador to protest a discriminatory decision by Samsung Electronics and organizers of the Winter Olympic games in Seoul not to provide Iranian athletes with gift smartphones, demanding an apology from the technology company.

2/8/2018 9:00:00 PM

Trump continues to paint immigrants as criminals

Tehran(KNA) : President Donald Trump is continuing his habit of painting immigrants as criminals, highlighting gang connections, calling family reunification a national security threat and bemoaning the death of a pro football player involved in a car accident with a man living in the country illegally.

2/7/2018 12:19:00 PM