Israeli navy intercepts Norwegian-flagged Gaza-bound ship

Tehran(KNA) : The Israeli navy has intercepted a Norwegian-flagged ship with activists on board as it was approaching the shores of the besieged Gaza Strip to deliver humanitarian relief to the inhabitants of the impoverished enclave.

7/30/2018 10:53:00 AM

Trump doesn’t understand Iran's culture of resistance: Sherman

Tehran(KNA) : A former US under secretary of state for political affairs has taken President Donald Trump to task for his rash policies and uncalculated measures towards Iran after taking Washington out of a nuclear deal with Tehran, saying Trump does not understand Iran's culture of resistance.

7/30/2018 10:29:00 AM

Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi freed from Israeli prison

Tehran(KNA) : Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teenage girl who became a symbol of Palestinian resistance after she was jailed for slapping an Israeli soldier last December, was released from prison to a rapturous welcome by the public on Sunday.

7/29/2018 11:01:00 AM
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