Grisly killing of child bares brutal nature of Wahhabism

Tehran (KNA) - The killing of a six-year-old boy in broad daylight in Saudi Arabia has generated a wave of shock and revulsion and drawn attention to the brutal nature of Wahhabi school of thought which governs the kingdom.

2/9/2019 11:43:00 PM

Ayatollah Khamenei: US 'embodiment of evil, violence'

Tehran (KNA) - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has called the US “the embodiment of evil and violence” whose existence relies on encroachment on other countries' sovereignty.

2/8/2019 10:45:00 PM

Salih to Trump: respect my slogan ‘Iraq first and foremost’

Tehran (KNA) - An Iraqi source told MNA that Iraqi President Barham Salih responded to US president when the latter told him that he was disturbed by his recent statements by saying that "Trump must understand if his slogan is America first.”

2/6/2019 9:09:00 PM

Venezuela seizes large shipment of American weapons coming from Florida

Tehran (KNA) - Venezuela says it has seized a large shipment of US-made weapons aboard a cargo plane that had taken off from Miami, Florida, days after US President Donald Trump repeated his threats of taking military action against the Latin American country amid an ongoing political rift.

2/6/2019 9:07:00 PM

Iran: Europe should not tie financial mechanism to FATF

Tehran (KNA) - Iran says European countries should not link a payment mechanism they have announced to safeguard trade with the Islamic Republic to the country’s joining the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which has incurred domestic opposition.

2/5/2019 10:19:00 AM