The Samsung S9 vs the iPhone X: How do they compare?

Tehran (KNA) - Samsung's S9 was always going to be the only Android phone that could compete with the hype and fanfare around Apple's launch of the iPhone X - but now that both mobiles are out, how do they compare?

3/5/2018 8:02:00 PM

New model suggests contrary to dominant model Moon emerged before Earth

Tehram (KNA): A new theory has suggested a different source of origin for the Moon, the Earth’s sole natural satellite, which seems to stack up well against the dominant giant impact model. It says unlike the favored former theory, our rocky moon formed before our cosmic home emerged in its current appearance.

3/2/2018 11:34:00 AM

Photos: Some good points about polar bear

Tehran(KNA) : International Polar Bear Day is an annual event celebrated every February 27 to raise awareness about the conservation status of the polar bear.

2/28/2018 12:30:00 PM

Some good tips which help you to make your kids confident

Tehran(KNA) : Carl Pickhardt, a psychologist and author of 15 parenting books, says a kid who lacks confidence will be reluctant to try new or challenging things because they're scared of failing or disappointing others.

2/26/2018 1:33:00 PM